Photography Nicola Copson

Pencil, pastels, charcoal, water colours and oils – Syd has even been known to paint on wallpaper.  In addition to life drawings, Syd has given pleasure to many friends and family with paintings of local scenes, often capturing them before demolition, giving almost a historical record. In 1966, Lowry selected Syd’s painting of Church Bank, Bolton for an exhibition at Bolton Art Gallery, the gallery subsequently purchased the painting.

“Artistic artisan – carpentry to canvas in leisure time” – Bolton Evening News

Never frightened to try new things, since retiring from his work as a joiner Syd has strived to and enjoyed increasing his range of skills in local classes and art groups. Laurette Evans, Arts Officer at Bolton Institute says

“I have a drawing by Syd on my office wall which is admired by everyone who sees it. This drawing is in charcoal and chalk rather than pencil and is typical of how Syd is prepared to experiment in his art work. He has a saying “trying new ways of drawing keeps you young” and I have to say he gets younger every week! He is also exceptionally kind and encouraging to the more inexperienced members of the group and it makes him a pleasure to know.”

Outdoor sketching is now also great pleasure, to go out with friends and catch the light and shadows on the water as well as having the odd jar or two!  Syd is not one to speak of himself, even though he is largely self taught in his art. As one of his friends who appreciated his paintings once said: “I think he’s a very fine painter – and a most modest man“.

This website includes a selection of life drawings and water scenes.


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