Photography Nicola Copson

Since a boy, Syd Haslam has always enjoyed putting pencil to paper and often saw it as an opportunity to avoid school work. Syd showed an early talent for life drawing during his time in the Royal Navy during the Second World War. He supplied his fellow sailors with “pin-ups” for their walls. This ability to portray the human form has stayed with him and today he regularly goes to life classes in Bolton, his home town. “Life drawing requires discipline and perseverance” is one of Syd’s sayings.



” Its my round” in pastels and chalk.  

photo (1)



Working on the i-padParliament Square

Working on the iPad - parliament square



5 thoughts on “Welcome

  1. It wouldn’t let me leave the following comment under the watercolour of Springwell painted jst before it was demolished:
    This was painted around 1990 in the top floor studio of Hilden Street when it was being used as the art department of Bolton Metropolitan College. Syd spent many years attending classes there during the 1980s and up until the time the building was no longer used by the College and Community Education service in 1996. This painting depicts the ramshackle of indusrial buildings in Springwell before they were demolished to make way for a new retail park, You can see the demolishion crane just starting its work. The painting which is A1 in size is now hanging on my stairwell and brings back fond memories.

  2. Hello Syd, I met you and your son whilst sat on a bench on Eastbourne’s seafront. Just like to say it was a real pleasure meeting you and your son. Your work is excellent! Nice to have met you in Eastbourne. Shame about the pier! All the best. David Askew.

  3. Hi Syd- we are trying to contact George- my husband is his second cousin and my father in law Leslie is his cousin. I have photos of when he was a boy and would love to talk to him

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